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Introduction to Full Potential Group coaching

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In-house coach development and licensing

FPG Certificate in Full Potential Coaching - Coaching Facilitator

Participants will become a role model and champion for coaching in their organisation. Upon completion of Level 1 coaching participants will:

  • Support organisational change by coaching individuals to translate organisational aims into personal development goals
  • Meet ethical coaching guidelines and professional standards
  • Create coaching contracts, maintain the coaching relationship, manage sessions effectively, monitor and reflect on the coaching process and evaluate outcomes with stakeholders
  • Establish trust and intimacy with “coachees” and develop coaching presence
  • Act confidently and consistently as an effective coach and facilitator to colleagues, helping them to brainstorm and explore new ideas and approaches
  • Be able to support others in successful behavioural change and self-sustaining growth
  • Realise the challenges people go through as they work through behaviour change and have the confidence and competence to facilitate behavioural change in others
  • Be able to challenge others and hold them accountable for shifts in attitude and performance
  • Demonstrate an awareness of relevant psychological ideas, TA, and selected NLP processes
  • Understand the importance of “Full Potential Attitude” and seeing the higher potential in others
  • Be able to coach people to address their limiting beliefs and enhance their confidence
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of theoretical coaching models and how to apply them in a developmental work context – one-to-one and with teams
  • Act with integrity, value diversity, adopt a flexible approach and reflect on their own strengths and needs as a coach – therefore being an inspirational role model, walking their talk and inspiring others to develop themselves.

FPG Diploma in Full Potential Coaching - Coaching Sponsor and Champion

Participants will become an 'expert' coach, able to provide coaching across the organisation and to synergise coaching champions and managers, helping them to use coaching as part of their management style. Building beyond Level 1 competencies, upon completion of the Level 2 coaching participants will:

  • Play a strategic role in driving a high-performance coaching culture within the organisation
  • Develop the organisation by developing the potential of people at all levels across the business
  • Act confidently coaching and facilitating the development of senior people, be competent coaching “up” and maximising the potential of groups and teams
  • Be able to support and challenge a variety of personalities (more difficult or resistant individuals) to maximise their contribution and minimise interference
  • Have confidence coaching with no preparation, able to think on their feet and coach spontaneously in challenging situations
  • Coach on strategic issues and have the ability to stretch others to develop more strategic impact on business transformation
  • Be able to go beyond core coaching models and work more transformationally with individuals
  • Play a key role in coaching supervision, liasing with external professional coaching supervisors and providing coaching supervision to Level 1 coaches internally
  • Link coaching to organisational objectives and business strategy
  • Know how to maximise the strategic value and ROI of coaching
  • Build evaluation methodology into the coaching process, integrating this with existing business and HR processes within the organisation
  • Hold the transformational space for the business to fast-track its growth

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