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"The best training programme I have ever received. I have no doubt this will change me as a person - for the better - in and out of work"
Tesco Stores Personnel Managers
Introduction to Full Potential Group coaching

FPG one-to-one coaching case study

Optimising a new role – and enjoying it!

The context

Recently promoted into a management role, this high potential employee was uncomfortable and disliked her new position.  Her organisation wanted to keep her but also needed her to improve her performance.  FPG consequently delivered a combination of face-to-face and telephone coaching sessions, with email support throughout.  During the sessions the individual agreed personal goals as well as business goals. The coaching helped her to clarify and address her needs and values, and ensure she was meeting them. Self-care and boundary issues were discussed. She was a list-maker and often allowed herself to get bogged down with too much unnecessary detail.

The results

  • Identified key objectives for the year, saw bigger picture (of her life)
  • Recognised the value of her contribution 
  • Better staff management, significant improvement in team morale
  • Learned specific coaching skills, improved personal relationships 
  • Employer delighted with improved performance