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"The best training programme I have ever received. I have no doubt this will change me as a person - for the better - in and out of work"
Tesco Stores Personnel Managers
Introduction to Full Potential Group coaching

FPG one-to-one coaching case study

Enhancing inspirational leadership

The context

This senior Technology Executive wanted further advancement and increased responsibility but had recognised that he needed to work on three key development areas: 1) Influencing and communicating more effectively/impactfully, 2) Easier more efficient decision making, and 3) Becoming a more visionary leader, enhancing his relationships with senior executives both inside and outside his own organisation. He also wanted to focus on expanding trust in his own judgment and intuition and improving his ability to deal with the ‘grey area’, having more inner more courage, confidence and creativity.

The leadership programme FPG delivered consisted of ten one-to-one sessions over seven months, combining face-to-face with telephone sessions and email support.  Sessions included visioning and personal and professional planning, prioritisation of key goals and initiatives, clarification of personal drivers, needs, values and belief systems. He was challenged to operate ‘outside of his comfort zone’, overcoming several limiting beliefs and changing negative behaviours by thinking ‘out of the box’ on a more consistent basis. During the programme he was challenged to create and maintain key new habits. This client’s understanding of the benefits coaching had brought him was corroborated by his colleagues.

The results

  • A more positive, proactive attitude, more focus, with clearer short and longer term plans
  • Genuine enhancement of personal presence, ability to gain buy-in to ideas
  • Greater sense of confidence and belief in ability to leverage and amplify strengths, make quick decisions, see further ahead, challenge and empower people
  • Better team motivation, with challenge to ‘up their game’
  • Up-turn in turnover after three months