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FPG Case Study: Bovis Lend Lease

Leading change

March 2005 - ongoing

The challenge

Following a company-wide restructuring exercise, Bovis Lend Lease identified the need for the introduction of a change management programme to help its people deal effectively with changes and uncertainty.  Feedback from staff surveys and evaluation forms indicated that people were feeling very unsettled and were worried about where and when the next change was going to come from.  Morale was low and rumours were rife, all of which were affecting productivity.

The solution

To help Bovis Lend Lease FPG created a far-reaching and very personal change management programme that would be relevant to every single employee.  The programme, called ā€˜Leading Changeā€™, was designed to help individuals put change into perspective, to understand change cycles and how to deal with them positively to strengthen self-certainty, despite external changes, and to build resilience around managing uncertainty.  It also provided delegates with a range of pragmatic, proactive and flexible tools to help them effectively lead and communicate change.


The results

Bovis Lend Lease has seen numerous benefits as a result of the ā€˜Leading Changeā€™ programme.  These include:

  • Employees understand change and are equipped to deal with it effectively when it occurs
  • Improved employee well-being ā€“ both inside and outside of work
  • Managers are confident in communicating and delivering change
  • Improved networking across the global business

ā€œConstant organisational change can create fear and suspicion.  ā€˜Leading Changeā€™ helps individuals to see that change can also bring opportunity or new challenges. It empowers our employees to make difficult decisions and recognise areas of their lives which need addressing.  It also enables people to communicate change more effectively.  Our managers have become better agents of change, helping the workforce adopt changes more readily.ā€

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