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Introduction to Full Potential Group coaching

FPG Case Study: BPP Professional Education

Leading the business through change

January 2008

The challenge

BPP Professional Education (BPP) had reached a point in its 30-year existence where consolidation of the business was required to effectively deliver a centralised, streamlined service solution to all customers.  Consequently, BPP was facing a period of transition and reorganisation and wanted to equip their senior managers with a leadership mindset to enable them to effectively support this change by fully engaging their people.

The solution

To work in partnership with BPP Professional Education to design and deliver a pragmatic, modularised leadership change programme.  The first phase focused on change, its impact on the individual and strategies to build resilience in the face of change.  The second phase equipped BBP’s senior leaders with leadership coaching skills to enable them to lead change and assist others in building their own resilience to change.  The programme included an Insights Discovery Personality Profiling session to enable managers to better understand their own leadership style, its impact on others and how to best ‘flex’ their style to effectively engage and interact with others.

The results

BPP’s senior leaders have demonstrated a real shift in their leadership style, with a curiosity around exploring new behaviours and increased awareness of their impact as a leader on their people.  This has helped them to effectively deliver and drive through change within the organisation at a challenging time.

“'Leading the Business Through Change’ provided delegates with a better insight into the mechanics of change and equipped them with easy-to-use tools to help them effectively engage others during periods of uncertainty. An enlightening and inspiring programme!”