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Tesco Stores Personnel Managers
Introduction to Full Potential Group coaching

FPG Case Study: Black and Decker

Coaching skills programme


The challenge

Black & Decker® required a specialist coaching company to deliver a coaching skills programme as part of their EMEA Sales Development programme.   The timescales for the initial coaching skills module were very tight with a design to delivery period of just three weeks.

The aim of the coaching module was to equip Sales Managers with the skills and confidence to coach their teams as well as to provide specific coaching and support to any of their team members also involved in the Sales Development Programme.  (The Sales Development Programme provides intensive and challenging training for National and Key Account Managers.  There is also a separate programme for Sales Managers within Black & Decker®).

The solution

To provide two one-day coaching modules for Black & Decker®, one in the UK and one in Dubai, which could then be extended and repeated as the programme rolled out further across the business.

FPG spent a great deal of time up front, working with Black and Decker® to ensure that the initial coaching module content, language and delivery-style fitted with the company’s culture, was aligned to current systems and procedures and exactly matched the requirements of the wider Sales Development Programme.

The results

The programme was a great success:  only a week after the UK event, around 70% of the delegates who had attended were using the new language and skills, particularly the C.I.G.A.R.™ model, in the workplace.

"I was very impressed with Full Potential Group’s professionalism and flexibility; they met our needs incredibly well (especially as they only had a three week turnaround) and were prepared to push back on us if they felt something wasn’t right.  Their approach wasn’t just to say that they could deliver the programme but to say that they would only deliver it if it was to the highest standard possible."

Jenny Daley, Learning and Development Project Manager, Black & Decker Europe