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Introduction to Full Potential Group coaching

FPG Case Study: Portman Building Society

Driving high performance


May 2005 to August 2007

The challenge

Portman Building Society (now part of Nationwide) recognised a need to improve employee performance. The organisation had recently introduced a performance review programme, incorporating an element of performance-related pay, and was looking for a coaching partner to develop a tailored programme to help individuals improve performance conversations and unleash the potential of their people.

The solution

FPG recommend two coaching programmes. The first, 'Coaching Champions', initially worked with 50 senior managers and leaders  to help them become coaching leaders and role models for the coaching approach throughout the company. The second programme, 'Coaching for Performance', was aimed, in the first instance, at 125 managers, each with five or more direct reports, and provided them with the skills to develop their staff and to optimise outcomes of performance conversations and the appraisal process.

Up-skilling the 50 ā€˜Portman Coaching Championsā€™ supported the cascade of core coaching tools and techniques to the wider management population.

Following the initial interventions, Portman identified further groups who went through the ā€˜Coaching Championsā€™ programme and the organisation continued to roll out the ā€˜Coaching for Performanceā€™ programme to all managers in the business.

The results

Portman reported astounding results, which they attributed to the programmes, including dramatic shifts in sales and customer satisfaction scores as well as improved levels of engagement and performance from its employees at all levels. Other outcomes included:

  • Reduction in staff turnover ā€“ down by 2% in 6 months
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Robust and effective performance management reviews taking place across the business

ā€œThe feedback blew my socks off: in my entire career I have never had feedback like this.ā€

Ann Elliot, Human Resources Director, Portman Building Society