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Introduction to Full Potential Group coaching

FPG Case Study: Royal Mail Women's Network

Coaching as a way of being

January 2008

The challenge

Royal Mail Central and West London Area’s Women’s Network group was originally established with the objective of supporting the professional and personal development of women leaders and managers in the business.  Only about 10% of Royal Mail’s management population in this region is female and, combined with the fact the workforce is also culturally diverse, this group faces challenges around assertiveness and recognition of and respect for their authority.

At an earlier group event some core coaching models had been introduced and participants had been ‘buddied’ to support one another’s personal and professional development plans.  Royal Mail wanted to build on this and support participants in making their buddy relationships worthwhile, productive and sustainable so that they became an essential and valued part of their lives at Royal Mail, rather than an ‘optional extra’.

The solution

To deliver a highly-interactive, 3-hour coaching-based session, designed to support members' day-to-day interactions in the business (and beyond) and to generate a shift in commitment to ‘buddying’.  The workshop included simple yet powerful approaches to ‘Ways of Being’ that could be easily and practically applied to both business and personal situations, and also set participants thinking about the power and impact of applying a coaching mindset to all encounters.

The results

The session was declared a great success for the Royal Mail Women’s Network, with many of the delegates reporting being enthused and confident about using the new coaching skills they had learnt, particularly the C.I.G.A.R.™ model, back in the workplace soon after the workshop.

“The session went fantastically well and everyone seemed really engaged.  It’s always worthwhile to include external organisations at these group events and breathe some fresh life into proceedings.  Many of the delegates said that the coaching session was the best part of the day.”