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Introduction to Full Potential Group coaching


Full Potential Group™ Executive Coach

"I feel great empathy for my clients as I work with them to focus on their goals and challenge them to move beyond their own expectations.  Subtle and challenging questioning enables us to find new energy and fresh ways to solve their problems and issues.  I help focus people on their goals and their achievements, enabling them to appreciate what they have already accomplished and focus on what they need to do to progress."


Zlata has spent over 15-years in leadership roles, specialising in the management of people, projects, operations and facilities for a variety of companies ranging from large manufacturing organisations to service providers.  Zlata’s extensive experience has seen her work across Europe and she has operated in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the UK.  Zlata boasts an impressive array of languages: as well as speaking English she is fluent in Slovak, Czech and Dutch.


Zlata specialises in coaching high-level managerial decision-makers to set and achieve their goals.  Exercising great empathy and being 100% committed to the individual to help them realise their aims, Zlata prides herself on her ability to challenge people to achieve more than they thought possible. She is goal-focused and action-orientated. 

In addition to her coaching work, Zlata is a member of the Guardian Angels Entrepreneurial Network, which supports and mentors small start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, and is a founder member of the Slovak Association of Coaches.  She is also involved in the Women in Business and Women in Management groups in both the UK and Slovakia.

Zlata has supported individuals and teams across a range of organisations in both the UK and Slovakia including DSS Consult SK, HFS UK, Klartec SK, LGPhilips UK and Punch International SK.

Training / Qualifications / Professional memberships

  • Practitioner Coach Diploma
  • Member of Northern Association of Management Consultants
  • Certificate in Mentoring
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation
  • Degree in Technological Systems and Management and Change

"What would you dare to attempt if you dared to think you could not fail?"  Nelson Mandela