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"This is one of the most powerful training courses I have ever been on - thank you! It's been a great experience, and a great investment in me. I will continue to use and build these new skills"
Introduction to Full Potential Group coaching


Job title

Client Services Partner


Emily and her colleague, Nikki, provide the key link between clients and FPG coaches to ensure that both have a simply amazing client services experience, with the building and maintaining of deep, lasting relationships being at the heart of it all. Emily's key responsibility is to support and deliver against client requirements by way of setting up one-to-one coaching programmes, managing logistical elements for workshops, organising and preparing materials for workshops and liaising with clients pre- and post- workshops to ensure smooth transition from concept through to realisation and beyond.


Before joining the FPG team, Emily was branch manager at Oasis for a year and house manager for Toni & Guy.  Emily thrives on working in companies she feels passionate about!


A natural team player, what Emily loves about her job is the environment. She enjoys talking to and helping people, and coming to work every day "with a fantastic group of people!" What makes her tick is being a 'port of call' for both clients and colleagues alike.


"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."  Pericles