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Tesco Stores Personnel Managers
Introduction to Full Potential Group coaching

Six guiding FPG principles

We are loyal to the six guiding FPG™ principles that drive the delivery of a high-performance coaching culture because, quite simply, they work.

To maximise bottom-line benefits of a high-performance coaching culture, coaching must become engrained into the DNA of an organisation. FPG's unique formula for creating and sustaining a coaching culture centres on letting go of established working practices and changing 'who you are being' (your behaviours, attitudes and mindset) as individuals, and as an organisation. Cascading a high-performance coaching cultures is all about nurturing talent, developing confidence and self-belief, establishing open and honest communication, tackling issues head-on and creating the right conditions for change and growth. 

These easy-to-remember principles provide a highly-pragmatic framework that begins with understanding the issue, focuses on desired outcomes and obstacles, provides for review as well as action and - ultimately - targets positive outcomes:

  1. Clarify drivers for change
  2. Agree ROI measures
  3. Co-create coaching culture vision
  4. Integrate coaching with strategic plans
  5. Communicate quick wins
  6. Review and sustain momentum

If you'd like to know more about these principles, please contact our team on 01628 488990.