Case Study: Mott MacDonald

Maximising Performance through Leadership, Communication, and Coaching

The Challenge

Mott MacDonald Hong Kong faced a number of challenges, including the need to increase cash generation through better proactivity with customers and improved project management as well as more subtle cultural shifts; such as managers being able to recognise, acknowledge and resolve issues and conflicts. For the region to move forward and maximise performance they needed to address these issues.

The Solution

Full Potential Group provided Mott MacDonald with a pragmatic, business focussed and experiential leadership coaching programme. The programme was delivered in three phases. The first phase focused on aligning the business and addressing the cultural sensitivities, challenges, opportunities and gaps in performance faced by the company.

The second phase was a 2 day workshop ‘The Leadership Coaching Programme ‘Maximising Performance’ which focused on the managers practically translating leadership, communication and coaching into their daily activity. After completing an Insights Personality Profiling, the workshop helped them to understand their personality and work style, how to deal with opportunities and challenges, how to manage and resolve conflict as well as leadership coaching to build strength and capability.

The third phase was Sustaining Change in Mott MacDonald Hong Kong. It was vital that change was sustained in the long term. To do this FPG delivered a mix of executive coaching, L&D support and internal refreshers.

The Results

Full Potential Group provided a Leadership Programme which equipped managers with robust, practical and versatile tools and techniques that would drive increased performance and business results. By interacting with others differently as well as leading and coaching people, managers were able to raise their game and apply a flexible communication toolbox. Managers were also able to understand different personality types and flex their own style to best communicate and develop others. FPG equipped them with the skills they needed to be confident and proactive when dealing with conflict in both internal and external relationships.

Case study : Mott MacDonald

"What I found most valuable was the ability to learn new techniques that will support the development of myself as well as my team’s potential."

Mott MacDonald