Case Study: Heinz

Creating a Game-Changing Leadership Culture to Accelerate Business Growth

The Challenge

H.J. Heinz is a $10 billion global food manufacturing company, employing around 3,000 people in the UK and Ireland alone. The challenge for their leadership team was how to go about creating an empowering, high performance, ‘winning’ culture to drive business results and accelerate long-term business growth.

They wanted to see leaders and managers using transformational leadership and coaching to drive new levels of performance, engagement and growth, creating a fresh, invigorated, diverse and empowering culture that focused on unlocking potential many leaders had previously received little formal training.

The Solution

The strategy used by Full Potential Group was to integrate the leadership development programme with company strategy and objectives to ensure that results had a direct, immediate and practical application to the business and its people.

The first stage of the programme was entitled ‘Creating a Winning Culture through Leadership Coaching’ and commenced with two 2-day intensive pilot workshops. These sessions focused on the fundamental attitudes, behaviours and skills that senior leaders needed to develop talent to drive high performance and accelerate growth. The workshops were followed by a 1-day refresher and sustainability sessions several months later.

The Results

100% of attendees of the course reported that ‘the training was a worthwhile investment for my career development’ and also ‘a worthwhile investment for Heinz’.

The business advances were further underlined when Heinz UK & Ireland was singled out as one of the best performing subsidiaries worldwide. The UK & Ireland Business Unit was recognised globally for delivering a significant increase in sales volumes and leaders were praised for their ‘leadership and team performance’ in a tough business climate, which was underlined as being instrumental in driving these business achievements.


Case study : Heinz