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'As a coach, I aim to support organisations to improve their inter-generational working. Many leaders struggle to understand Generation Y and are failing to effectively motivate and capitalise on the unique skills and qualities they can bring to an organisation'.

Sarah left the police force over 11 years ago and since then has researched and worked with the younger generation for over 19 years, she partners with organisations worldwide focusing on how to connect and engage with '20-something' employees. Sarah supports organisations in breaking down the complex world of the 4 generations operating in today’s workplace using an inside-out approach. She offers insights into how each generation thinks and feels, how this transcends into their external world of choices, attitudes, habits and decision-making styles and ultimately how this impacts in a work environment.

Sarah’s understanding of the values and motivations of younger generations supports organisations in the development of strategies and solutions to attract exceptional young talent and ensure such individuals are retained. From her time in the police force Sarah brings with her extensive experience in conflict management, which combined with her coaching knowledge, has proved invaluable when formulating the practices and procedures that organisations need to work effectively across all generations and stimulate productive inter-generational working environments.

Sarah regularly appears in the media and is a bestselling author in her own right, she is passionate about helping organisations understand intergenerational working.

Sarah's clients include ITV, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Ogilvy Group, Barclays Bank, Citibank, UBS, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and has made television appearances in Australia, USA, Norway and Poland.

  • Degree in Hotel & Catering Management
  • Former Secretary of the International Coach Federation UK
  • Graduate of the PAC Academy
  • Former Faculty/Mentor Coach for Parent as Coach Academy
  • Certified Teleclass Leader
  • Coach U trained Coach