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Stop Thinking - Improve Your Productivity and Innovation

By Carole Gaskell

How often do you clear your mind and STOP THINKING?

On coming back from holiday, my brain feels well rested, my energy is good and I feel confident and clearly focused. My challenge is to sustain this state over time. Most of us ‘think’ too much, myself included. Our rational minds race away with over-thinking. At work it’s all too easy to live in your head, ultimately wasting time and draining energy.

Having taught ‘quiet mind’ mindfulness principles to leaders for over 15 years, I know this is the silver bullet. It gives us the ability to process information faster, focus clearly, be more strategic and productive, improve resilience, problem solve, have new ideas and leaves us with more free time.

Used daily, apart from boosting health and alleviating stress, it can:

Researchers at UCLA studied the brains of people who had used mindfulness techniques for years comparing them with those who had not. They took MRI scans of 100 people, half mindful meditators and half not. Long-time meditators showed higher levels of gyrification (a folding of the cerebral cortex that may be associated with faster information processing). In a study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience in February 2012, they shared that, the more years a person had been practising mindfulness, the more gyrification their MRIs revealed.  

I’ve promised myself 20-minutes quiet-mind meditation every morning. Running, cycling, swimming, walking in nature can work as well. Join me in emptying your head, focusing on your breath and letting go… 



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