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Boosting Motivation and Authentic Charisma Experiential Day in Edinburgh - Feb 21st

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Our Vision

Our bold and far reaching vision motivates and guides us as we push the full potential way of being through our own organisation as well as those of our clients.

Our vision is to enable organisations to harness the full potential of their people, radically transforming the way they work and the results they are able to achieve.  We maximise clients’ contribution to the world.

"We match associates
with clients to
fully leverage the
true potential of both."

Our purpose is to ignite the transformational coaching, leadership and team working capability in people and organisations to deliver exponential results.

Our aim is for FPG to provide an unsurpassed range of high quality, innovative, transformational leadership, coaching and team development services.  We want to be respected for our integrity and ability to truly understand people’s needs and respond to them.

Our Values

Our values are our highest priority and deeply held driving force. They are what guide us.

We live by our values:

  • Commercial - Everything we do and propose is grounded in commercial reality. Each member of our team has a solid business background so they are able to take a pragmatic approach to generating maximum results. 
  • Catalytic - We ignite potential and move people forward quickly.  Our clients have all embarked on a journey after which no one is ever the same.
  • Fresh - Our passion, enthusiasm and energy for releasing everyone’s potential within a business shines through in everything we do. 
  • Collaborative - We join forces to form a partnership with clients, with equals, to create something positive, affirming and life changing. 
  • Inspiring - We inspire people to unlock maximum levels of potential by expanding their thinking beyond what they believe they are capable of.
  • Authentic - Being our real, true self and acting with total integrity empowers us to unearth potential in every group, team and organisation we work with. 
  • Purposeful – we focus on meaningful work and seek to make a fundamental difference by empowering people and organisations to realise their full potential

Who are Full Potential Group?

Watch Full Potential Group CEO, Carole Gaskell, speak about what FPG does and how we can help you improve your People, Purpose, and Profit.



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