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Return On Investment

Delivering exponential results by transforming the way people work is what FPG is all about. Our approach is grounded in pragmatic, business reality. We know that success needs to be measured if the investment is to be worthwhile. We are proud of our reputation for delivering genuine ROI.

We have been transforming businesses for the last 15 years, by connecting the people within them to a deeper sense of purpose. Leveraging the untapped potential of your people can improve productivity by 30%. Indeed most of us are capable of at least 20% more than we believe possible.

FPG can demonstrate a tangible return on your investment. If you can measure your ROI you will be able to maximise the impact across the whole organisation. Typically we suggest that organisations clarify three ‘hard’, tangible business measures and three ‘soft’, more intangible behavioural or attitudinal measures from the following chart:

ROI can be measured in different ways. Tracking improvements in sales or customer satisfaction levels will give you a clear indication of the impact your investment had. For example, Tesco’s used their staff survey to measure success, and found that after the programme it revealed substantially higher scores in people’s overall attitude to the business, indicating improved motivation and morale. Other tangible business measures include profit, revenue, market share, absenteeism, and retention.

Our Guide to ROI shares with you how the Full Potential approach can deliver a significant return on investment. 

increased leadership capability
increased staff motivation
improved team working


Guide To ROI

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