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Boosting Motivation and Authentic Charisma Experiential Day in Edinburgh - Feb 21st

About Our Services

Our vision is to catalyse the potential of your culture, leaders and teams to enable you to deliver outstanding business results. We do this through pragmatic, commercially sound yet transformational tools.

We work with organisations to effect change from the ground up.  We impact all touch points throughout a business – its culture, leaders, talent pool, teams and individual’s potential.

Everything we do is grounded in business reality and based on our unique Full Brain Approach – zoning in on the What (Thinking), How (Heart), and Why (Infinite) your people do what they do.

We transform your business from the inside out working on clarity of focus, emotional intelligence as well as collaboration and purpose. 



Full Potential Leadership

What We Offer:

  • Charismatic Leadership
  • Full Potential Leadership Programmes
  • Collaboration for Success
  • Leading Yourself and Others Through Change
  • Influence, Impact and Leadership Brand
  • Leading Innovation
  • Leadership in Emerging Markets.

For the last 15 years we have been working with FTSE 250 businesses and thought leaders to maximise and unlock a leader’s true, full potential. Empowered, collaborative leadership is the key way to accelerate change and innovation and generate the business breakthroughs needed for sustainability and growth.

As a leader you are pushing hard to save costs and deliver on short term tasks. It’s not just the CEO and board members, we work with leaders across the organisation.

Full Potential Leadership is a truly catalytic way to fast track the development of your capabilities. Our Full Brain Approach focuses on developing your Thinking, Heart and Infinite Brains - the What, How and Why - to enable you to rapidly reach your full leadership potential.

We work with you on stimulating the Thinking Brain and focusing on priorities and delivery of business results. One of the biggest ROI’s is stimulating your Heart Brain: developing your sense of self and who you are. It’s about encouraging you to be more than you can be so that you can make a bigger impact. Drawing the elements together is the work we do on the Infinite Brain – this is where you as a leader step into being more innovative and really igniting a sense of purpose and collaboration. 

Full Potential Leadership is achieving more with less. Being catalytic and helping your people generate exponential results that you would never achieve by yourself.

Case Study

‘What I found most valuable was the ability to learn new techniques that will support the development of myself as well as my team’s potential’

Mott MacDonald

Case Study

"I thought this day was fantastic, in that it really opened up a way of communicating with people that did not have to be totally applied to direct reports. Indeed, it will help with general communication with my colleagues in Europe"

- Carphone Warehouse


Hear Full Potential Group CEO, Carole Gaskell, and Leadership Director, Pauline Gibson speak about the importance of Leadership and how FPG can help your organisation create Leadership that flows through your organisation at every level.


Building Talent & Capability

What We Offer:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leader as a Talent Magnet
  • Unlocking Female Talent
  • Male/Female Collaboration
  • Harnessing Generational Talent
  • Optimising Your Career, Talent and Potential.

Talent and your people’s capabilities sit at the heart of your organisation. Your challenge as a leader and manager is to attract, grow, develop and retain the talent that will propel your business into the future. The hard cost of not doing this is impossible to ignore. Building talent will give you a strong and sustainable business. Investing in your people will ultimately maximise your return on investment.

Latent talent lurks in every organisation and your challenge is how you can harness it to make it work for you.  

Full Potential Group will work with you to leverage your talent, releasing potential and catalysing dramatic performance improvement. Using our Full Brain Talent Development approach we empower ordinary people to become exceptional. Our approach to Talent and Capabilities focuses on the Thinking, Heart and Infinite Brains - the What, How and Why. It enables each person to access hidden reserves and reach their full potential.

We are all about helping you create a culture that is a hotbed for talent. We work with leaders to enable them to become talent magnets – the leaders who people really want to work for, who they will go the ‘extra mile’ for. Developing a talent mind set will give you the tools you need to optimise the diverse talent within the business whether it’s intergenerational, female and or gender specific.  

Every leader has the ability to be a talent magnet they just need the skills.

Case Study

"What we liked about Full Potential Group was their highly-pragmatic, instantly useable 'coaching in the moment' non-theoretical approach, firmly linked to business results. FPG are a great fit for William Hill."

- William Hill

Case Study

"Thank you very much for all your support and expertise in designing and delivering this Programme - this has left a great legacy in our business, with Personnel Managers confident and capable of coaching our managers. Thank you."

- Catherine Glickman, Personal Director to the CEO

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Listen to CEO, Carole Gaskell, and Leadership Director, Pauline Gibson, talk about the importance of attracting, developing, and retaining talent.


Full Potential Teams

What We Offer:

  • Board and Top Team Facilitation
  • Full Potential Team Coaching
  • Optimising Team Dynamics, Overcoming Conflict
  • Virtual Team Collaboration
  • Fortifying Teams in Transition.

Teams are the most powerful unit of performance in any organisation. In most teams there is scope to increase productivity and performance by as much as 30%. Full Potential Teams is about working with you and your teams to embed simple tools and techniques that can have a radical impact.

How do we do this? We look at the purpose of the team, the glue that brings them together. We work in real time with you to challenge and provocatively shift the energy of the team to define clarity of purpose and ensure the team is fully aligned with the business’ strategic intention. We focus on the behaviours team members need and give them the ability to surface and resolve conflict. In this way they can step into their elite team space.  

Acting as one with the business is the real power of a Full Potential Team.   

Case Study

Full Potential Group delivered a bespoke, pragmatic, and commercially focused leadership coaching programme that encompassed a strategy and planning session as well as two events. 

Case Study

"I found it enlightening, informative and inspiring"

- Electricity North West


Listen to CEO, Carole Gaskell, and Leadership Director, Pauline Gibson, talk about how teams are the most powerful unit of performance in an organisation and how, in general, teams can improve productivity and performance by around 30%.


Transforming Organisational Culture

What We Offer:

  • Authentic Charisma to the core
  • Sustaining a High Performance Culture
  • Shifting Cultures, High Collaboration, High Engagement
  • Building a Culture of Innovation and Customer Delight.

Full Potential Culture Transformation is about creating an environment where high performance and engagement drives exponential business results. Business leaders come to us wanting to create a culture that empowers people to excel. To create a culture that will give their organisation the edge.

Transforming Organisational Culture is about connecting everyone in the organisation to a greater sense of collaboration and purpose. Feeding and expanding innovation and inspiration to allow ordinary people to become exceptional.

We deliver experiential, practical, results focused programmes that inspire, motivate and empower people to reach beyond what they thought was possible. Full Potential Group works with and supports you to look at the impact your leaders have on the culture, partnering with you to embed skills and behaviour change you need to drive your organisation into the future.

You can change your culture person by person, conversation by conversation.


CEO, Carole Gaskell, talks about how to create a high engagement and high performance culture.


Full Potential Coaching

What We Offer:

  • One to One Executive Coaching
  • Coaching Skills for Managers/Leaders
  • Online E-learning for Managers/Leaders
  • In-house Coach Development
  • Creating and Sustaining a Coaching Culture.

Coaching is a fundamental business tool. It focuses on attitude, beliefs and what I, as an individual, think is possible to achieve. It allows someone to step into their powerful presence to deliver big business results. Most people in your organisation have the inherent capability to be 20-30% more productive. They just need to know how to access this.

If we all did the things we were capable of we would quite literally astound ourselves. Full Potential Coaching is about leveraging the potential of every single person in the organisation. It’s not a soft option! Whether it’s one-to-one coaching with us or learning coaching skills as part of your leadership style, it’s about giving your brain a workout. Full Potential Coaching is about working with people to stimulate the Heart, Thinking and Infinite Brains so that they come up with ideas and solutions they wouldn’t have thought of before. We teach realistic, pragmatic, cut through tools and techniques that can be applied immediately.

Full Potential Coaching will leverage the potential of every person several times a day, day in day out. 

Case Study

In this One-To-One coaching case study, the Financial Services Director of a globally recognised brand chose to work with a coach after identifying a need to supercharge himself and his group.

Case Study

"The most valuable thing about the programme was the awareness it created and how to approach dealing with difficult situations in a non-aggressive way."

- McCarthy & Stone


Listen to CEO, Carole Gaskell, and Leadership Director, Pauline Gibson, talk about how coaching is a fundamental business tool and how it can help you cultivate a culture of exceptional people.


Fulfilling Your Personal Potential

What We Offer:

  • Fulfilling Your Potential Workshops
  • What's Next in Your Career?
  • Catalysing the Potential of HR
  • Leading Yourself Through Change
  • Transform Your Life Workshops and E-learning
  • Managing Life Transitions: Parenthood, Retirement, Redundancy.

Everyone is capable of doing so much more than they have already. Of achieving things they never thought possible. We all have latent potential with qualities and strengths that we are not using to the best of our abilities. Taking a Full Brain approach to your work as well as your life will give you a performance edge and allow you to push through and beyond limiting beliefs, mind sets and boundaries to discover exponential results. It’s about trust, belief and stepping into your personal power. 

At Full Potential we work with you, in a safe environment, to push your boundaries to allow you to create your own compelling vision of the future. Our tools and techniques help you implement behaviours that work with you, not against you. Behaviours that help you maximise your influence and impact with others, develop your innovation and creativity and shift your mind set to success. 

Case Study

"I had an incredibly successful experience with my coach over this period of time.  We worked together on my leadership capabilities and influencing skills. I accelerated from someone who was new to the leadership to an experienced FD in a relatively short period of time.  Much faster than I would have been able to achieve on my own."

- Finance Director, Starbucks




Listen to Chris Hughes, Vistage Chairman, talk about his search for a coaching company that can deliver high quality coaching, with a keen commercial insight and awareness that coaching has to deliver results at the bottom line.

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