Become an Accredited Authentic Charisma Coach

“The Authentic Charisma Coaching Programme has the potential to re-write the coaching landscape
(in mobile phone terms, a bit like the transition from the old flip top Nokia to an IPhone!). As a
coach I feel I have seriously upgraded my tool kit! “
Kate Woodward, Executive Coach


We are delighted to announce an exciting opportunity for qualified and experienced corporate coaches to become trained and accredited in the Authentic Charisma Coaching Programme. This radical methodology has been created by International charisma expert Nikki Owen who has devoted 30 years to the study of authentic charisma.

Here at Full Potential Group we know how important it is to shine in the workplace. Which was why we were amazed to learn that research by Harvard Business Review, University of Lausanne and CBI found that charismatic leaders are 60% more effective. As Owen embarked upon her lifelong study she recognised that you can’t teach authentic charisma from a behavioural level. If those behaviours are out of alignment with who you really are at your core then you’ll appear fake and inauthentic.


Innovative coaching tools 

Using tools inspired from quantum mechanics, cellular biology, neuroscience and energy fields, Owen has created a high impact charisma coaching process that incorporates The Charisma Model and delivers:

  • Higher levels of leadership impact
  • A sustained shift from a survival to growth mindset
  • Higher levels of employee engagement
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Improved effectiveness with managing successful change
  • Increased resilience
  • Innate ability to energise and inspire extraordinary performance


The Authentic Charisma Coaching programme for business leaders comprises of:

  • 4 x 90 minutes of one-to-one authentic charisma coaching sessions
  • Access to an online pathway to ensure immediate learning transfer
  • Coaching support and mentoring through the pathway
  • 360 feedback surveys to measure behavioural change and ROI
  • Charisma Perception Tool to measure authenticity and self-awareness
  • Charismatic to the Core – a fresh approach to authentic leadership – book
  • Informal learning resources including hypno-meditations, video tutorials and podcasts


What’s different about the Authentic Charisma Coaching approach?

  1. Works mainly with the unconscious mind to ensure depth of transformation. Many of the psychological programmes that we run as adults are formed in childhood and are no longer helpful or actively sabotage our performance.  We can only identify, access and resolve these limitations by working in collaboration with the unconscious mind.
  2. Encourages the coachee to operate from their ‘felt’ sense rather than their thinking mode. Every emotion held within the body contains a message – a raisin d’etre for being. Noticing where we are holding emotions in the body enables us to gather useful information. You can’t ‘think’ your way around your body – you have to feel and for many people this requires them to switch into a different sensory operating mechanism.
  3. Involves working with an individual’s energetic field. Nobel prize winning physicists have proven that the physical world is made up of a sea of pulsating particles of energy that flash into being every millisecond. This is the world of quantum mechanics and holds the key to understanding how to work at a deeper level to create positive and sustainable transformation. Demonstrating the impact that thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and judgements have on our energy and other people’s energy serves to increase mindfulness and an expanded awareness.


“The Charisma Programme was rated as our highest leadership development intervention and described as life changing.”  Terri Bailey, Director of Performance & Engagement, Virgin Holidays

Online pathway to optimise learning transfer

Because a leader’s time is such a valuable resource, Owen wanted to find ways to reduce the number of charisma coaching interventions whilst increasing the overall impact on a leader’s performance. By incorporating a simple online pathway, the coachee instantly experiences learning transfer in the workplace and can tap into a vast range of informal learning resources. Blending an online element enables face-to-face time to be optimised so the coachee experiences a sense of reconnection with who they are at a deep level.

A unique training and accreditation opportunity 

There is a unique opportunity to receive training and accreditation from Nikki Owen, charisma expert at the Full Potential Group and creator of the Authentic Charisma Coaching Programme. We are offering 18 coaches the opportunity to train directly with Nikki Owen, thought leader, award winning speaker and bestselling author on authentic charisma.


2018 dates:

  • 15th & 16th November 2018, location TBC


Accreditation and Training  

  • Initial training and accreditation in the Authentic Charisma Coaching Programme:
    • Two x half day face-to-face training with Nikki Owen (maximum group size of six)
    • Four further online training sessions with Nikki Owen (90 minutes per session)
    • Access to the Authentic Charisma Coaching online pathway
    • Range of informal learning resources that include a powerful suite of hypno-meditations that develop charisma whilst relaxing/sleeping.
    • Signed copy of Charismatic to the Core written by Nikki Owen


  • Thereafter there is a fee payable for every client that includes:
    • Access to online charisma coaching pathway
    • 360 surveys and charisma perception tool
    • Informal learning resources including 34 x Hypno-meditations/podcasts/video tutorials
    • Copy of Charismatic to the Core book

Please contact client services on 01628 488990 for pricing. 

Please note that there will be an additional outlay for materials to facilitate these sessions; Magnetic Board for Communication Process, two pairs of swivel dowsing rods and felt squares for authentic charisma constellation. These can be purchased from Full Potential Group or you can source and supply these yourself.


“I have never been in a situation where it has had such a profound and dramatic life changing experience.”  Nick Alvarez, Operations Director, Siemens

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