Fulfilling New Potential with Motivation, Authentic Charisma and Neuro-agility


Please join us for our experience day on either Friday 18th January or Friday 15th March where we’ll stimulate you to reach new levels of potential and build competitive edge in this era of disruptive change with 3 leading-edge leadership approaches: Motivational Mapping; Authentic Charisma and Neuro-agility, all supporting leaders to do things simpler, better, faster.

Simpler – by understanding Motivation

Motivational Mapping: helps people ignite the Fire Within to Boost Engagement, Performance and Happiness

How many people really know what motivates them? How many leaders and managers know what truly motivates their colleagues?

With engagement and motivation levels at an all-time low, the sad fact is that less 50% of people are accurate about what really motivates them. Sometimes values exercises are just not enough. Motivational mapping, created by James Sale, provides ground-breaking insight into how to measure, map and improve anyone’s motivation.

You will be asked to complete an online motivation assessment prior to the day and will receive your motivational map during the session.

You’ll learn the 3 fundamental roots of motivation and our Founder and CEO, Carole Gaskell, will help you to understand your own and other peoples’ unique mix of 9 motivational drivers. You will learn how to rank your motivators in order of importance and measure how well each one is met. This has far-reaching implications for energising ourselves as well as step-changing the impact a leader can have when they know the motivational hot buttons of their people – relighting the fire within.

During this experiential workshop you will gain a greater understanding of how to relight your fire by knowing:

  • the roots behind motivation
  • the 9 work motivators and how to recognise them in yourself and others
  • the hot buttons to motivate yourself and others


Better – by connecting with your Authentic Charisma

“Authentic charisma is a gateway to accessing the highest functioning, highest performing aspect of our potential. Charismatic leadership is not a skill but a deep reconnection with who we are at our core.” Nikki Owen, Charisma Expert

When you are at you most charismatic you elevate yourself into a better version of yourself. Charismatic leaders are better performers, better at engagement and better at leading successful change. Numerous studies and many different credible sources, show that charismatic leaders outperform their non-charismatic peers by an average of 60%, (HBR June 2014, Learning Charisma). Nikki Owen has dedicated over 30 years to the study of authentic charisma. Her own research into the link between authentic charisma and engagement with 150 business leaders revealed that authentic charisma increased a leader’s ability to engage by an average of 19%.  Full Potential Group have worked collaboratively with Owen’s methodology to create a high impact and blended leadership coaching solution that delivers immediate and sustainable results.

During this session you’ll learn:

  • Why authenticity is a vital component when developing charisma
  • How to transition leaders and their teams from a survival mindset to one of growth
  • How to energise performance and build greater levels of engagement
  • The 5 Internal Attributes that determine your charisma
  • How to harness your visioning capability to impact on the bottom line

We will be using tools and techniques that have been inspired from quantum mechanics, cellular biology, neuroscience and energetics.  Expect a session that is totally different, powerful and at the frontiers of leadership development.


Faster – by understanding your unique neurological design to boost Neuro-agility

People who are neuro agile have the flexibility to learn new skills, attitudes and behaviours faster and more easily.

People can dramatically improve their impact by learning how to boost brain fitness by accelerating the 6 drivers of brain agility. You’ll also gain an understanding of the 7 factors that make up a person’s unique neurological design, which can significantly improve their performance, productivity and wellness.

Prior to attending, you will receive a personalised link to complete a short on-line questionnaire in order to generate your brain profile. You will receive a copy of this in the session which we will explore in more detail and we will show you how to drive the talent agenda to out-think, out-create, and out-perform for a sustainable future business strategy.

During this experiential workshop you’ll learn how to increase your own neuro-agility and help other people too, by having a greater understanding of:

  • the 6 drivers that optimise people’s brain fitness and performance and how to boost them
  • the 7 factors that make up people’s own unique neurological design so you can help improve their learning, productivity, health and wellbeing
  • key actions you can take to help your work simpler, better, faster everyday!


Date: Friday 18th January or Friday 15th March

Location: Asia House, London W1G 7LP

Time: Motivation 10am – 12pm,  Charisma 12.30pm – 2.30pm, Neuro-agility 3pm – 5pm

Cost: £195* per session. Book all 3 at the discounted rate of £495*

The cost includes a Motivational Map in the motivation session, a hypno-session for charisma and a brain profile for Neuro-agility.

*costs exclusive of VAT



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