Activating New Potential with  Neuro-agility, Motivation and Authentic Charisma


Are you and your colleagues fired up to achieve your personal and business outcomes for 2019? Despite the fear-mongering social and economic challenges ahead, some people, teams and organisations will thrive, when others will flounder. There is opportunity in every challenge. Please join us for our experience day on either Friday 18th January or Friday 15th March where we will demonstrate fresh tools to activate your potential, performance and results.

At FPG we’re passionate about people activating more of their human potential – especially when the going gets tough. We’ve spent over 20 years coaching and developing people and are always looking for  new, effective ways to give leaders and teams the real edge to deliver their personal goals and strategic objectives.

Our Founder and CEO, Carole Gaskell talking about our Activating New Potential Experience Day



Boost your agile brainpower

Discover the secrets to Neuro-agility, a new technique that measures the flexibility of your brain design, and how you score against 6 drivers of brain performance. Knowing this will help you become more brain fit, learn faster and work more effectively, whilst improving your overall wellbeing. Prior to attending, you will receive a personalised link to complete a short on-line questionnaire in order to generate your brain profile. You will receive a copy of this in the session which we will explore in more detail and we will show you how to drive the talent agenda to out-think, out-create, and out-perform for a sustainable future business strategylong-term.



Fire up your motivation and drive

Next you’ll learn how to boost your motivational intelligence; measuring your own motivational drivers and recognising different drivers in teams and other people.  Knowing how to light the fire within, energises people to achieve their objectives and goals with ease, helping you sustain high levels of energy, engagement and drive during 2019. You will be asked to complete an online motivation assessment prior to the day and will receive your motivational map during the session.


Connect with your authentic charisma

Aligning your head and heart is key to achieving real results. You’ll learn how to activate 5 elements of your own unique charisma, an authentic power that captivates the hearts and minds of others. You’ll also explore how to reduce any resistance that’s holding you back, so you can achieve genuine success in 2019.

“Authentic charisma is a gateway to accessing the highest functioning, highest performing aspect of our potential. Charismatic leadership is not a skill but a deep reconnection with who we are at our core.” Nikki Owen, Charisma Expert

We will be using tools and techniques that have been inspired from quantum mechanics, cellular biology, neuroscience and energetics.  Expect a session that is totally different, powerful and at the frontiers of leadership development.


Date: Friday 18th January or Friday 15th March

Location: Asia House, London W1G 7LP

Cost:  £495*

The cost includes a brain profile for Neuro-agility, Motivational Map in the motivation session and a hypno-session for charisma

*costs exclusive of VAT

Here is what previous attendees have said:
“Insightful and a lot of food for thought both personally and with people in my team.”
“I genuinely learned to view myself differently today.”
“Stimulating, fascinating and energising.”

The sessions will be presented by our CEO and Founder, Carole Gaskell. Carole is a highly-acclaimed coach, inspirational speaker and best-selling author in the field of people potential and leadership development. She has made numerous TV and radio appearances and is a regular contributor to business, national and consumer publications.

Dates: Friday 18th January or Friday 15th March
Location: Asia House, London W1G 7LP
Time: 10am – 5pm
Cost:  £495*. The cost includes a Motivational Map, a Charisma hypno-session and a Neuro-agility brain profile.
*costs exclusive of VAT

Please register or call us on 01628 488990 to reserve your place.

For more information on the three approaches, please visit our website or download our PDF guides; Motivation, Charisma and Neuro-agility.



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