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Join us for our 3 x 40 minute webinars during May and June to learn more about Neuro-agility and how you can use it to improve business performance. FPG is the sole provider of Neuro-link in UK & Ireland and this is a unique opportunity to ask questions to International Expert in the Neuro-science of Learning, Andre Vermeulen who will be leading the interactive webinars, along with our consultants.

The webinars provide an in depth understanding of what neuro-agility is and how it can benefit you and your organisation, so we recommend you sign up for all 3 to get the complete picture. If you can’t make all 3 on the dates below then please do still register and we will send you the recording afterwards.

Before you register for our webinars, take our mini brain fitness quiz to find out how brain fit you are!

Special offers for all those who register –

  • £100 for an individual brain profile and debrief (worth £460).
  • Free team report and debrief session when you pay for an individual profile for each team member (£100 per person)

Webinar 1 – Why Neuro-agility can give people and businesses the edge right now – so they can work simpler, better, faster. 12.30 to 13:10 on Tuesday 22nd May

Simpler, better, faster is a great business mantra in this era of disruptive change. Are you striving to enhance productivity and performance, manage transformation, increase employee engagement and motivation, integrate AI, reduce the risk of human error, support wellness, whilst developing your people with the  skills they need for the future workplace?

If so, join us to find out more about why maximising the power of your brain can help you out-think, out-learn, out-create and out-perform.

Webinar 2 – What are the 6 drivers that boost brain power. 12:30 – 13:10 on Tuesday 29th May

Neuro-agility is a simple idea, rooted in neuroscience, which helps people improve their brain power.

Dr. Vermeulen has identified six main drivers that boost neuro-agility and brain power.

In this webinar, we will discuss each driver in more detail. Find out more about why helping people to optimise these six drivers will lead to enhanced performance in your business.


Webinar 3 – Why understanding the 7 factors of your own neurological design is the key to out-think, out-create, out-learn and out-perform. 12.30 – 13.10 on Thursday 3rd June.

In this webinar, we explore the 7 key areas of neurological design. Get insight into how our individual neurological design impacts how we learn, communicate, respond to others, deal with stress, increase well being and reduce our risk of error and accidents.. Understand how this complements awareness of the 6 drivers, and how together, this powerful model can help enhance performance by unleashing the unlimited potential of your brain.


Webinar 1 – Tuesday 22nd May

Webinar 2 – Tuesday 29th May

Webinar 3 – Thursday 7th June

Time: 12.30 – 13.10

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Neuro-agility Webinars

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