Neuro-agility Accreditation – face to face

The neuro-agility profile has been developed from the latest research and findings from the field of neuroscience. Ideal for clients managing change, hectic work lives and dealing with constant disruption and stress. It enables clients to better understand their unique neurological design.

Measuring 6 drivers of brain performance, it helps to improve their overall brain fitness and promote wellness and resilience, future proofing themselves to be brain fit, out-thinking, out-learning, out-creating and out-performing.

Accreditation will enable you to run and de-brief Neuro-link brain profiles for individuals and teams. You will also be able to facilitate Neuro-agility masterclasses within organisations.

Accreditation involves attending a two day workshop and access to extensive online learning resources, videos & manuals. You will also receive four Neuro-link brain profiles for practice and validation. Accreditation includes membership of FPG’s Neuro-agility community for continuous learning and best practise.

  1. Complete the online Neuro-Agility Profile ™ Pre-work – allow 2 weeks
  2. Attend 2 x 1 day Neuro-Agility Accreditation Workshops
  3. Course work: between day 1 and day 2 and prior to Confirmation of Learning
  4. Complete your Confirmation of learning

Dates: 31st Jan and 28th Feb

Other dates are available throughout the year, please contact us on 01628 488990.

Cost: available on request

To find out more information, please contact us on 01628 488990.

For more information on Neuro-agility, please download our guide 

Neuro-agility Accreditation

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