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Breakthrough to Authentic Leadership Programme

Feeling Emotional? Lean Into It!

By Nikki Owen.  Walk into most organisations and you notice that the majority of employees have learned to repress their emotions. People share a common perception that being...

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Finding your motive for action

Finding your motive for action

By Sue Stockdale. Recently I took my dog for a walk in the forest and enjoyed watching her race through the undergrowth following scents and chasing whatever she...

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Leadership Guidelines

The State of Leadership & Change

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Full Potential Thinking

State of Leadership & Change

To download a full copy of the research, please click here. Research Summary It could be argued that organisational leaders are now facing one of the most challenging...

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Leadership & Motivation

The Nine Work Motivators – what makes your team tick? Please click here to download a PDF version. Leaders may know instinctively that to be engaged you need...

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