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Boosting Motivation and Authentic Charisma Experiential Day in Edinburgh - Feb 21st

Video Room

We have compiled a library of relevant and informative videos ranging from client case studies and testimonials to videos outlining our knowledge and experience in each of our six areas of expertise. They are an interactive way to understand more about FPG and the value we can add to your organisation.

  • The State of Leadership & Change
    Carole Gaskell and Sue Coyne share the findings of our latest leadership research. Due to Brexit and political changes in the USA, organisational leaders are now facing one of the most challenging periods in change leadership in over 30 years.
    Leadership Guidelines
    How do you lead people through change in some of the most challenging conditions we have seen in years? Carole talks you through leadership guidelines with case studies from two of our clients, Grosvenor Estates and Nationwide.
    What are the main de-railers of change? Maxine Dolan talks through the crucial need for sustained agility mind-set and the three layers of it.
    Full Potential Organisations
    Maxine Dolan talks about how Full Potential Organisations are a balance between catalytic leadership, purposeful teams and energised individuals.
    Measuring The Success Of Change
    Sue Coyne, Leadership & Cultural Change Director at FPG talks through the measuring the results of change initiatives. In our recent survey, 77% of success measures were hard measures and only 23% use softer measures. Are we measuring the right things?
    An Introduction to Motivational Maps
    Carole Gaskell gives an introduction to Motivational Maps. If you become accredited, you will be able to help boost motivation on an individual, team and organisational level
  • How To Energise Your Workforce
    The key to energising your organisation is to unlock people's motivation. Managers and the individuals themselves need to have an understanding of their own inner drivers and then know what they can do to help light their own fires. Motivational Maps is a valuable tool that helps you do this, to energise your workforce.
    9 Motivational Drivers
    If you understand people's top motivational drivers, you can make a real difference to their energy and motivation. Carole Gaskell talks you through the 9 motivators and talks through the motivational hot buttons for each driver.
    Engagement, Morale & Reward
    Engagement, morale and reward are really hot topics amongst senior management teams and HRD's following Brexit. Sharon Norgan, FPG's Leadership & Talent Director talks to Carole about engagement, what it is and how you can measure it.
    Getting Your Mojo Back
    Sharon Norgan, FPG's Leadership & Talent Director talks through how you find out what drives people and what can be done to get them operating at their peak performance.
    What we do
    Watch Carole Gaskell speak about what FPG does and how we can help you improve your People, Purpose, and Profit.
    Full Potential Leadership
    Hear Full Potential Group CEO, Carole Gaskell, and Leadership Director, Pauline Gibson speak about the importance of Leadership and how FPG can help your organisation create Leadership that flows through your organisation at every level.
  • Building Talent & Capability
    Listen to CEO, Carole Gaskell, and Leadership Director, Pauline Gibson, talk about the importance of attracting, developing, and retaining talent.
    Full Potential Teams
    Listen to CEO, Carole Gaskell, and Leadership Director, Pauline Gibson, talk about how teams are the most powerful unit of performance in an organisation and how, in general, teams can improve productivity and performance by around 30%.
    Transforming Organisational Culture
    CEO, Carole Gaskell, talks about how to create a high engagement and high performance culture.
    Full Potential Coaching
    Listen to CEO, Carole Gaskell, and Leadership Director, Pauline Gibson, talk about how coaching is a fundamental business tool and how it can help you cultivate a culture of exceptional people.
    Catalytic HR
    Listen to CEO, Carole Gaskell, and Leadership Director, Pauline Gibson, talk about how HR professionals can recognise their ability to influence, engage, and step into their personal power as the heart beat of a business.
    Testimonial - Vistage
    Listen to Chris Hughes, Vistage Chairman, talk about his search for a coaching company that can deliver high quality coaching, with a keen commercial insight and awareness that coaching has to deliver results at the bottom line.

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