Authentic Charisma Connection


Charismatic leaders are 60% more effective (HBR June 2012, Learning Charisma).

With unprecedented levels of change, low trust and authenticity, helping leaders develop their charisma as an authentic power to captivate the hearts and minds of others, accelerates leadership effectiveness and engagement. Charismatic leaders become a magnet for talent and , significantly boost culture and mood of colleagues.


WARNING: This is not for everyone. Charisma Connection can be shocking, provocative and edgy. A unique 3-month programme created by International Charisma expert, Nikki Owen, it provides easy practical ways to measure, track and improve your charisma immediately. It’s a synthesis of wisdom distilled from philosophers, teachers, scientists and eminent thinkers crystallised into a self -awareness and team 360 charisma perception tool, a one-day transformational workshop, a series of hypno-meditations and on-line learning pathway with buddy support. Leaders learn how to embed 5 internal attributes of charisma into their day-to-day ways of working: Self-esteem; Sensory awareness; Compelling vision; Driving force and Energy. For more information on charisma, please watch the videos or download our one page information sheet.

Break through to Authentic Leadership Programme

Testimonial from Virgin Holidays

"Thank you very much for all your support and expertise in designing and delivering this Programme - this has left a great legacy in our business, with Personnel Managers confident and capable of coaching our managers. Thank you."

Catherine Glickman,
Personal Director to the CEO,