Business Alchemy


Most businesses spend years re-writing business plans, financial plans and marketing plans, undertaking market research and focusing on business goals and product development to drive business development and growth. However, if an organisation focuses on the internal dynamics and energy flow of the business, sees and releases what is blocking it; the significant next stage of growth becomes more easily realisable.


Through a series of intensive half-day experiential workshop sessions with the organisation’s key stakeholders, an FPG Business Alchemist will help you to focus on your business as an organism; the importance of flow; exploring the shadow; the power of intention; the need for alignment and opportunities for synchronicity. Group sessions can also be supplemented by intensive one-to-one alchemic coaching sessions with individual stakeholders to unlock their next levels of growth.

"What we liked about Full Potential Group was their highly-pragmatic, instantly useable 'coaching in the moment' non-theoretical approach, firmly linked to business results. FPG are a great fit for William Hill."

William Hill