Change Leadership Consulting


Organisations are facing one of the most challenging periods in change leadership for over 30 years. It is commonly accepted that 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver results. FPG’s research shows too much emphasis on process over people is one of the top reasons why change initiatives fail, along with a lack of ‘why’ and a clear purpose for the change; and poor motivation and staff morale.

Carole Gaskell and Sue Coyne – The State of Leadership & Change


Full Potential Organisations thrive with energised individuals, purposeful teams and catalytic leadership. FPG works in partnership with you, providing consulting, coaching and mentoring of change makers to help you build distinctive, engaging, high performing cultures that are a magnet for talent and customers. We can be relied upon to step change capability and culture to achieve tangible business results.

Good businesses change and great businesses transform, using real metrics to record productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. We partner with you to implement 6 key components of change leadership, helping sustain motivation and an agile mind-set, whilst measuring and rewarding success.

Maxine Dolan – Agility


"FPG impressed me - they always made sure that what was delivered was right for business objectives, at all times being flexible, helpful, and easy to work with."