Coaching Leadership – Leader as Full Potential Coach


By effectively developing employees, managers can be better coaches and improve performance by up to 25%. Research proves that leaders with strong people development skills are 50% more likely to outperform revenue expectations. When leaders use coaching as part of their leadership style, the quality of their conversations improves dramatically, the company culture becomes more growth-oriented, with improved opportunities for career advancement.


Over the last 20 years FPG has developed a modular, blended approach to equipping leaders with the mindset and skills to coach as part of their leadership style. A Coaching 360 degree feedback tool is used at the beginning and end of the programme to measure progress and results. On-line learning, webinars and one-to-one coaching can help sustain coaching as a leadership style long-term.
Modules include – High Performance Coaching – how to coach anyone day to day; Exceptional Results Coaching – challenging up, across and down; Blockbusting Coaching – coaching people to change attitude and behaviours and Full Potential Team Coaching- to accelerate team performance.

“Just wanted to let you know that I got soooo much out of the Coaching Skills course last Wednesday - mainly due to your amazing skills of perception and patience. I feel privileged to have attended, and during one of the coaching exercises it hit me how to resolve a work problem I've had for a while. By 11am the next morning, I'd had 3 short meetings and the whole issue was resolved. A BIG THANK YOU !!”

Amber Telford,
Mott Mac