Motivation and Engagement


Highly-engaged workforces perform *50% better but tapping into the energy that will ignite the fire within an entire workforce eludes most organisations. The missing ingredient in many engagement programmes is motivation – knowing what motivates individuals, teams, departments and the business as a whole. If it is left to the organisation, then the ‘fire’ within individuals will burn very briefly because motivation cannot be ignited through ‘blanket’ policies or changes.

*report ‘Engaging Hearts and Minds’ by Hay Research Group (2015).


Motivating your entire workforce comes down to empowering people on an individual level. FPG uses a motivational mapping tool which provides detailed reports identifying and measuring motivational drivers by individual, by team, by department and by the organisation as a whole. We can facilitate Motivation master-classes, webinars and on-line learning across your business, or train up internal change agents within your organisation as accredited Motivational Map Practitioners, so you manage and map the entire process yourselves. Please watch our videos below for more information about Motivational Maps or download our one page Guide to Motivational Maps.

Our Introduction to Motivational Maps

9 Motivational Drivers

How to Energise your Workforce

Getting your Mojo back

Engagement, Morale and Reward

"We had some lightbulb moments, where we could see why things were and weren't important for us and it gave us the language to explain them. Knowing the things we are more drawn to and which motivate us adds value and helps us to balance the work we are doing. For example, someone who knows that Star is a low motivator for them, although their job requires a degree of self-promotion means they will find ways of doing that and ensure it happens".

Sally Tanski, Senior Manager
Capability and Leadership
Development, Nationwide