Motivational Leadership – Motivational Mapping


Leaders are suffering change fatigue, uncertainty, staffing and cost reductions – BUT still need to deliver profit, performance and innovation. With only 13% of employees engaged at work, motivation is often the missing leadership ingredient, crucial to success. Motivated staff are 50% more likely to exceed their performance targets, whilst the best companies at engaging people achieve 4.5 times the revenue growth.


FPG uses a new approach to helping leaders understand, measure and improve motivation throughout their teams and the organisation – motivational mapping. This is the real key to unlocking improved energy, engagement and performance. Leaders start by completing a short on-line questionnaire. Motivation reports are produced for each individual, team, department or division and for the entire organisation.
Experiential workshops, individual and team coaching and de-briefs provide a practical and in depth understanding of the key motivators that can energise and drive enhanced performance, and radically improving stakeholder and customer satisfaction and loyalty. Please watch our videos below for more information about Motivational Maps or download our Guide to Motivational Maps.

Our Introduction to Motivational Maps

9 Motivational Drivers

How to Energise your Workforce

Getting your Mojo back

Engagement, Morale and Reward

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