Neuro-agility, Organisational Brainpower


Most people use less than 10% of their brain’s capacity and 90% of what is learned is lost in a week if not reinforced. In this era of disruptive change, making the most of an organisation’s collective brainpower is more important now than ever before. Needing to be lean and agile to stay in the game, developing neuro-agility and brain fitness in your people, teams and organisation will be your competitive advantage; future proofing your business.

Whilst integrating AI, measuring and improving brain fitness will drive enhanced productivity and performance, reduce the risk of human error, support wellness and ensure that your people are creating a learning environment and developing the skills needed for the future workplace.


Our unique Neuro-agility toolkit is the practical application of neuroscience to drive tangible, measurable business results. It consists of Neuro-agility assessments for individuals and teams, on-line blended learning, experiential masterclasses and accreditation for those wanting to become licensed practitioners, cascading the learning within their organisation.

You will learn how to accelerate the 6 drivers of brain ability and how to leverage the 7 factors that make up an individual’s own unique neurological brain design, so they can out think, out learn and out perform.

The Neuro-agility assessment measures and provides strategies to improve learning agility, performance and wellness across an organisation. For more informtion, download our Guide to Neuro-agility.

Take our mini brain fitness quiz to find out how brain fit you are

An Introduction to Neuro-agility

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