Neuro-agility to optimise brainpower


The brain of the average worker must process 30 times more information than 20 years ago. Brain fitness allows people to unleash more of their potential, quickly and easily.  Developing Neuro-agility enables people to out-think, out-learn, out-create and out-perform.

The World Economic Forum identified 10 most desirable skills for the workplace of the future- 5 can be categorised as brain power skills. Boosting brainpower and neuro-agility improves complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, judgement and decision making and cognitive flexibility.



By developing an understanding of your own unique neurological brain design and seeing how you measure up against the 6 drivers that optimise brain performance, you’ll receive your own personal brain agility score out of 100. Then you’ll learn strategies and techniques to boost your brain power in the specific areas you need it most. An experiential masterclass or personalised one-to-one coaching debrief, plus online support and follow-up assessment, will measure the impact of the development and help you improve your future performance and wellness. For more information on neuro-agility, please watch our video below or download our Guide to Neuro-agility

Take our mini brain fitness quiz and find out how brain fit you are.

“I want to thank you for your support with this week’s Full Potential Leadership programme for our Fast Track team. Tracy and the course were both outstanding. I watched Tracy skilfully draw the participants out of themselves during the 4 days to achieve many significant lightbulb moments that I know, for some, will be transformational. The course content was rich, as I had anticipated, and the course design was highly participative (I suspect our team will be going back to their jobs for a rest). Thank you for your good service in building this for me so quickly. Everything moved like clockwork.”

Sara Laver, Former Head of People Development and Engagement
at E2V