Neuro-agility Brain Profiling Accreditation


If you are on a mission to help an organisation future-proof its talent, realise more of it’s people potential, improve wellness, minimise stress and build competitive advantage in this era of disruptive change, becoming a Neuro-link licensed practitioner will enable you to practically apply latest neuroscience findings to drive measurable business performance and results.


An intensive 3-day practitioner training, accompanied by extensive on-line learning resources and one-to-one follow ups, will equip you with the knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and resources to build your competency and confidence in Neuro-agility and the neuroscience of learning. You’ll know how to develop the brain fitness of individuals and teams and become a catalyst to unleash their next level of potential. Developing awareness of the 7 factors that make up people’s unique neurological design, you’ll know strategies for enhancing wellness, learning, productivity and performance. For more information on our accreditations, please download our Coach Toolkit.