Employee Motivation & Engagement

Understanding our own motivators is very important as it saves time, effort, and radically improves performance and results. To be engaged, you need to be motivated. Motivation and energy can make a big difference to an organisation and really improve their productivity. When we create a greater understanding of ourselves, we can lead others more effectively through motivation.


The results offer an enhanced self-awareness for increased motivation and performance. We can run individual, team and organisational maps.


We use Motivational Maps which define types, and measures motivation. Everyone has their own unique blend of 9 motivators and the strength of these defines how motivated we are. Each type has its own distinctive needs of wants and desires. Knowing your type and your top three drivers and those of your people allows you to then adapt your leadership style accordingly. Being aware of people’s demotivators avoids wasting energy.

"We had some lightbulb moments, where we could see why things were and weren't important for us and it gave us the language to explain them.
Knowing the things we are more drawn to and which motivate us adds value and helps us to balance the work we are doing. For example, someone who knows that Star is a low motivator for them, although their job requires a degree of self-promotion means they will find ways of doing that and ensure it happens".

Sally Tanski, Senior Manager
Capability and Leadership
Development, Nationwide