Team Alchemy


All potentially high performing teams, come to a stage in their development when things plateau – feel like they’re stuck – not moving forward and not growing at the rate they’ve become accustomed to. The team senses there’s something more – but that next level of success is eluding them. The energy is stuck.


Developed by thought leader Andrew Wallas, instead of focusing on the outer machinations of the team, business alchemy sessions explore the hidden internal dynamics that are inhibiting the best efforts of the Board of Directors or team to move forward. Business Alchemists combine experience, pragmatism and intuition to unearth and diagnose energy blocks in the team. Once the energy is released, the strategic direction of the team will flow in accordance with the desired goals, outcomes and profitability.

By shifting the internal energy flow and dynamics of the team, the outer performance will flourish. Common results include a greater clarity of purpose, improved efficiency, unexpected growth opportunities, more creative energy, less political conflict, more fun, harmonious relationships, internal and external respect for the team.

"What we liked about Full Potential Group was their highly-pragmatic, instantly useable 'coaching in the moment' non-theoretical approach, firmly linked to business results. FPG are a great fit for William Hill."

William Hill