Team Coaching


Most teams are capable of at least a 30% improvement in performance. Ambitious teams wanting to accelerate their performance can benefit from working with an experienced team coach, over a period of time, to clarify the team vision, intent and purpose and hold the team accountable for achieving its aims, provide honest feedback to address obstacles and blocks and measure results improvement.


Initially we match the team with the most appropriate team coach for their needs. Then we carry out a team assessment to determine the current reality of the team (and team members) and to ascertain the ideal outcomes and results the team is aiming to deliver; clarifying gaps and agreeing an over-arching action plan, timescales and measurement milestones.

The team meets with their coach for regularly scheduled team sessions to review progress, integrate new mind-sets, behaviours and skills. Progress is measured along the way, strategy and actions refined according to changing market and/or organisational needs.

“I am still buzzing from the advanced team coaching course and I find myself reflecting back on the two days and applying the coaching techniques already”.

Store Operations Manager,
High Street Retailer