Team Motivation


Understanding and addressing individual team member’s motivators and de-motivators and knowing collectively what makes the entire team tick (and what turns them off) means that people are 50% more likely to exceed their performance targets. This is invaluable information not only for the team leader, but for team-mates themselves.


Every team member completes an on-line Motivational Map profile – this creates individual motivation reports for every colleague – and also a team motivation report – an amalgamation of all the individual results. The reports measure overall motivation scores as well as highlighting how important different motivational drivers are – and how well met they are, both from an individual, and team perspective.

This rich data can be de-briefed with the entire team in an experiential day or half-day session. (The morning is typically spent helping people understand motivation, recognise different motivators and demotivators and the implications for them as individuals. The afternoon focuses on implications for the team, alignment with values, purpose, vision and goals). Equally the team leader and individual team members can receive one-to-one de-briefs face-to-face or on the phone to deepen the learning. Please watch our videos below for more information about Motivational Maps or download our Guide to Motivational Maps.

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