Full Potential Team Performance


Teams are the most powerful unit of performance in any organisation. In most teams there is scope to increase productivity and performance by at least 30%.


Every team is its own dynamic system, a living, working entity with its own purpose, vision, motivational drivers, values, spoken and unspoken behaviours and ways of working, even its own personality, blind-spots and moods.

We work with the team leader and individual team members as well as the team itself, solidifying purpose and honestly addressing team vision and goals as well as what is holding the team back.

What gets measured gets managed so we can benchmark team performance and use team diagnostic tools to ensure the team is fully aligned with the business’ strategic intention. Sessions range from a few hours of pure facilitation in the moment, to specific team away days and retreats or more structured sessions over a period of weeks or months.

"FPG impressed me - they always made sure that what was delivered was right for business objectives, at all times being flexible, helpful, and easy to work with."