Team Personality Profiling & Dynamics


Many teams have good intentions but lack the full cohesiveness of an exceptionally high performance unit. Team members don’t fully understand themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, blind-spots and value to the team; let alone understand the same of their fellow team members. Knowing each other better drives higher levels of synergy, collaboration, productivity, performance and enjoyment.


FPG’s team coaches use either Insights Discovery Personality Profiling, SDI, or MBTI to help individual team members understand themselves, their default styles and how to recognise team members who are similar or different from themselves. Personality profiles can be produced as self-assessment or team 360 feedback, with team reports and team wheels used to summarise team dynamics.

Teams then learn how to adapt their style, play to their collective strengths and value to better meet everyone’s needs. We then focus on team strengths, weaknesses, addressing gaps, improving team meeting effectiveness and achieving better results in less time.

"What we liked about Full Potential Group was their highly-pragmatic, instantly useable 'coaching in the moment' non-theoretical approach, firmly linked to business results. FPG are a great fit for William Hill".

William Hill